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Reducing your taxes can be easily and legally achieved via a few methods. The ones we can help you with immediately are by a tax planning review and an analysis of your existing business structure. This should reduce your tax payable to 30%. Learn more about Tax Consulting and Tax Planning

Businesses that individually try to negotiate payment plans with the ATO, often do not have the bargaining power that a registered accountant does. Before talking to the ATO (and after reading our accounting FAQ page) discuss with us your options and allow us to deal with experience with the ATO. (Plus, you won’t have to wait on hold – we have a direct line to them)

Most businesses that do not have the correct structure or tax planning in place are paying too much tax. Over 95% of businesses that we meet with ARE paying too much tax. Talk to us today about analyzing your past and future taxes to determine what ongoing tax reductions can be made.

If you have over $100,000 in superannuation or are able to contribute this amount over a twelve-month period, then it is highly recommended that you consider setting up a self-managed super fund. The benefits and costs of having your own SMSF, certainly add up over time. Talk to us about setting up or managing an SMSF.

To achieve the best tax benefits and advice on growth, speak to us about setting up an SMSF. We make the process easy, compliant and designed with your risk investment profile in mind.

New rules were introduced on July 1 2016 governing what advice accountants can give regarding SMSFs. Only accountants that have obtained the authority can provide advice and administer SMSF’s.

There are many business structures available to meet your business needs, reduce tax and protect your business and personal assets. Meet with us for a free consultation and we can determine if your current structure is correct or needs amending for the best protection and profitability situation.

Your business is valued according to several factors including, revenue, debt, profitability, good will, assets, number of clients and time trading. To get an accurate picture of the value of your business talk to us today. Learn more about ‘How Do I Value My Business‘ here.

The length of time required to produce your business plan comes down to the complexity of the business plan creation, and also how many formats you require your business plan to be delivered in. We can always give you an estimate and then a firm commitment once we have discussed your business plan requirements and have a clear understanding of everything required.

You will be required to supply a range of information, although our Business Plan Writers will discuss this with you during your free consultation phone call.

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